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Apple Developer Account

Apple developer account has 3 versions: individual program, company program and enterprise program. We need to buy or rent the enterprise account, if you have ,please contact us.

We can make good use of your apple developer account, because we have excellent IOS engineers, we know what good characters IOS engineer should own , here are the most important characters. Maybe they will help when you hire an IOS engineer or you want to apply an IOS job.

What level should a senior IOS engineer reach or what ability should he have? What should he know in IOS development?

A senior IOS engineer should have two characters:

  • • Researcher
  • • Implementor
  • Researcher is the saying depends on you, from innocent to know, create new things from nothing.For an example you need to develop a drawing app, before you act, you know nothing about how to handle pen point, but at last you will find the solution.Implementor is the person who can convert the known method to code.

    The research work occupies less percent of the work, but it’s crucial.At the beginning you don’t know the method in details at all, a senior developer can guess the problem solution direction by searching documents, referencing OSS code, gathering knowledge and experience, then solve the problem step by step.

    Apple developer account is the basic tool for IOS developer to work,whether individual apple developer account ,company apple developer account or enterprise account, senior knows what type apple developer account he should use to distribute apps.

    Some people may lack only one aspect, maybe he is just a researcher, his method can not implement, or have to pay big price which is not worthy, then can’t find any solution.

    A senior developer can switch freely from the two characters.

    As a senior IOS developer, curiosity is important, but as a implementor, need to implement strictly. Some thing looks simple, but difficult in behaving. When you use developer account to distribute app, you should have prepared the app already, then you can test it and distribute it, maybe you can develop the app without any loophole, but what you need is make it outstanding, your curiosity will make a difference here, you can find the project special and use the special part, implement till the app is done.

    All the IOS developers have to do the basic study work, such as data structure, code language, core module, computer system ,basic graphic and basic math, there are what you will need in the development.

    You not only give your apple developer account to us, we can also guide you how to find good ios engineers,tell you how to be a good ios engineer, on the other hand, we can help each other business and career, we will be long-term partner and friend.

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