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Apple Developer Enterprise Program Certificate

Apple developer enterprise program certificate has too types usage mode. We buy the account and offer $20,000, if you have, please contact us. (Development)certificate and provisioning are used for the development testing, after packing in HBuilder, you can debug via safari in real machine environment. (Distribution) certificate and provisioning are used to submit to App store, in HBuilder, after packing, you can use Application Loader to submit to App store for Renewal and distribution.

Prepare Environment

You must owns the apple developer account, which is the company type, enterprise type is the apple developer enterprise program certificate, and you must join the IOS developer program Mac OS 10.9 above system (if you have applied p12, then it’s not needed)

Login IOS Dev Center

Enter the website

Use you developer account to sign in:

Apple Developer

All the Certificate Start to create certificate

Click “Certificates -> All” page,you can see all the certificated which has been applied

Apply the App IDs (which is bundle ID,if you have applied already, you can skip this step)

At “Identifiers" option, select“ App IDs",you can check all the App ID which have been applied, click the + symbol, and create new ‘App IDs’:


Open “Register iOS App ID”page,In “App ID Description”list,“Name” input the name(such as“HBuilderApp”):


In “Explicit App ID”list, click “Bundle ID”button and input App ID(use reverse character string, such as “io.dcloud.HBuilderApp”):please note:In HBuilder, Appcloud page, App ID part, need to input this value, (you can input randomly according to the requirement)In “App Services” list, select the service which will use, if need to use the message notification function, then you can select VPN Configuration & Control.

(Note:project engineer bundle ID needs to correspond the Bundle ID here

App Service

The step of setup apple developer enterprise program, after setup, then select ‘continue’confirmation page pop out,then click continue.

apple developer enterprise program

After confirmation the click “Submit”,after confirmation again, you will see the newly created App ID in App IDS page, then you finish the APP ID creation.

A App ID Total

No matter applying the (Development) certificate or publish (Distribution) certificate,you will always need to use certificate request, please use Keychain Access toll to generate certificate request document in Mac OS.

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