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Apple Developer Login

You can input ‘apple developer’ in Google, then you will see the apple developer login page, no matter your account is individual type or enterprise type, the login link is the same, we buy the enterprise account, we can pay $20,000 to buy one, if you have please contact us.

Now we will talk about the methods when we create the developer certificate. In Certificate, Identifier & Profiles page, in the Provision Profiles, you select distribution, you can check all the distribution provision profiles which has applied, click the + symbol then you can generate new provision profiles.

Open Add IOS Provision page, select IOS App Development in the ‘Development’ list. Then you click the continue button, enter the ‘App ID’ selection page, you can choose the ‘App ID’ you will use, such as the cloud HbuildApp which was created before), then click continue, enter the ‘select certificate’ page, you can select the distribution certificate which was created just now,

Select Type

Click continue, and select the previous App ID, then you select the UUID you will select for pack, if your account is company type or individual type, you still use the same apple developer login, you need to pack the UUID together, if yours is enterprise type, then you don’t need to add UUID, this is the only difference between enterprise account and normal developer account when packing.

Select Name

Click Generate, you will successfully create the provision profile.

Select Provisioning

Click Download and save the development provision profile, such as HBuilderProfileDistribution.mobileprovisio.

The method is, you only need to open your Xcode project, and add these development or distribution provision profiles in your project engineer.

Having the apple developer login is the basis, you can finish all the certificates application, in fact it is simple, but doingthe screentshot, making the notes, and adding it in this article are not east, now we know how hardworking the old professors have done, they are great. In fact, many points can be describes by words, but pictures look better and easier to be understand, so it’s worthy spending more time, as long as we can learn it and let more people get help, everything will be fine, Reference:

There are some mistakes you may make when packing ipa. Apple developer has administrator back end management, which is used to manage team members, AppID, certificates and testing machines list, etc, it’s very necessary to protect the back end management. Apple provides Agent, Admin, Member and No Access four team roles, they have different authorities. The account holder which is team role is the biggest leader who created the team account, it does not allow other admins to change the agent authority. Admin almost owns all the management authorities of all the contents, the member role has authority to visit and download some information, but it has no authority to change or manage anything. No Access role only has the limited visit authority, you can check the picture below:

access and responsibilities

The IOS development authority of the account, we buy the apple enterprise account, we offer $20,000 to buy, please use the apple developer login.

ios developer program

The Mac development authority

mac developer program

The Safari development authority

safari developer program

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