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Apple Developer Program

If the people who applied the apple developer program leave company, you need to change the account for your apple developer program, in case of danger, we offer $20,000 to buy the enterprise type developer program, now

we only talk about the way to change for the company type, the first method is to change Apple ID directly

1, login apple ID management website!&page=signin, input your apple ID’ username and password, after you login successfully.

2, Click ‘edit’, then you click to edit apple ID directly., input your company domain email, and save it, then use new email address to login the developer center.

Please note that, this method is just cyber plan, apple official support only provide one plan which is to transfer account holder role. Changing apple ID has influence on all the devices and service, it’s not advised to be used.

The second plan is to change the account holder, need to transfer, the people who use the apple ID to join the developer program is the account holder, you need to login and add team member, you can select to be invited to be normal member or admin, you can input his apple ID, click to invite, he will receive the invitation in his email, he accepts the invitation according the steps, then his apple ID will have the according authority. Changing the account holder role to other member is to click transfer team agent role, and input the people’s apple ID who is invited, then click confirm, successfully transfer. Now apple will verify your requirement, need to wait a few of days to finish this process.

Changing apple developer program name of the vendor has too sides, the first one is, company has published online products, but because company’s projects changed, have to change company’s name, first of all, have to go to the government authority to apply company name changing, get the authorized document, then submit the document to apple and wait for apple’s verification, after this step, apple developer can contact apple’s development department, tell the consultant that the name of account holder changes, the consultant will check if you are the account holder, then will require you to submit a series of documents, which includes business certificate name changing proof, it should only proves that company name changes, because one company is only related with one DUNS number, only this kind new company can use the previous DUNS number, and make sure the online apps were not affected.

In the apple developer program, there is another situation, company A has published one app, it’s in the sales status, but at the moment, it signs up a new company, because the business requires, need to change company A of the online products to the new company, firstly, need to use the new company name to register the apple developer program, and the new company can not use company A’s DUNS number.

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