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Apple Developer Support

Apple Developer Support

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When your apple products have problem, one of the ways to fix is to call apple support phone number to help you to solve the problem, but the support phone number is not free, it will charge the calling fee according to the calling time, if you need to wait your turn for the apple consultant, it will cost lots of time and money.

We advise you that if you need to call apple’s support number, at the first, you need to sign in the support website, then you choose your proper time so apple personnel will call you at that time. Then you don’t need to pay for your call.

When your apple products have problem, no matter whether it is software problem or hardware problem, you can directly contact apple technician. The common way is to call or to send your device to mend, you can contact via apple’s official website or official app.

On apple’s official website:, click the right side part of the menu list, in that page, you can search the problem you need to solve, then you can roll down and click contact apple support, you can see the apple technical support page, you can see a list of apple products pictures. If you directly click, you can enter too. If you have login your Apple ID, you will see all your apple devices there.

You can select the apple device which has problem, for an example, if your Macbook Pro has problem, you can click Mac, then you select the problem type, such as hardware problem. Then you can select the way that apple expert to call you, if the hardware problem need to be mended, there will be a way that you send the device yourself to mend it. Setting the calling schedule will require you to write down your name and ID number, not only apple official retail store can be delivered to mend, you can also deliver your device to the service provider which is authorized by apple. If you want to operate your phone to let apple call you or make an appointment to repair your device, you can download and install apple’s Apple Developer Support’ App, the steps to use is the same with their website.

Apple developer Support number valid time is different in different countries and areas, you can check what the service time is in your country, for an example, the service time of China between USA is different.

You can open the Apple developer Support app, and switch to get support, select your apple device or problem, then your select the problem type, and choose the further description of the problem.

Apple developer Support forum is also a place where you can ask questions, there are apple experts there who can answer your questions, finding answer in quora is also a good choice.

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