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In-house Distribution

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First of all, we need tot clarify our experiment goal, we will publish an ipa file on the internet, all the people can download the app from the download link, but of course we won’t really put the link public, because it violates apple rule that apple only approve company distribute the app inside its organization via the enterprise program. User can download the app without App Store and installation certificate. To realize this aim, it will need apple developer enterprise program(membership fee $299), we won’t instruct the application process in detail here, because the most of information on internet now of the method is using old xcode version, so when it becomes xcode6, the way to do in-house distribution changes a lot, now we refer this article:

Provision iOS IPA App for In-House Enterprise Distribution

Basically the in-house distribution way which is introduced in this article accords with new version, if your English is not good, you can use google translation to read. The core steps of in-house distribution for company:

Login Enter “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”

certificates identifiers

Firstly create app Identifiers:

certificates identifiers ios apps
registering an app id

Please note: Bundle ID is the app id which is created in xcode locally, it must guarantee the uniqueness, and can’t include special symbol, then need to create the provisioning profiles in accord with the app id above.

add ios provisioning profile

Next step:Select App ID

Next step:Select certificates, select distribution certificate (iOS Distribution),can not select developer certificate.

Next step:After generate certificate,then download it to local, double click to install, now the in-house distribution is almost done.

add ios provisioning profile 2

XCODE project attribute setting

Select developer account in the team in Identity

Deployment Target , select the lowest ios version which is supported, it’s 7.0 in general.

hongben price

Build Settings, Code Signing signature setting, Set all development certificate in Code Signing Identity 4、In Provisioning Profile, set the certificate document which was downloaded and installed in the 2nd step.

code signing

Derive ipa file

product - Archive , select the app which accords with,the export it

setect a method

Noe export


The notes of in-house distribution

1、you can’t select simulator device when you publish, you can select ios device or connect real device, otherwise theproduct-archive option will be grey, which can not be packed.可以选择iOS Device

ios device

Because when generating ip a file in xcode6, it will not automatically generate plist file anymore, so we will need to manually create plist file same name with ipa, you can directly copy the plist file in the old version and modify. This is a demo.plist file format:

items assets kind software-package url [INSERT URL HERE] metadata bundle-identifier [INSERT BUNDLE ID HERE] bundle-version [INSERT VERSION HERE] kind software title [INSERT APP TITLE HERE]

The read part means you need to modify to your actual project content, then you upload ipa and plist to the server which support HTTPS agreement, then write this in web original code:

Install the In-House App

Then you use ios device, such as iphone or ipad, open the https website in safari, click the link and download, the process of In-house distribution is done.

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