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IOS development

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As a developer, we should learn to collect the normal tools for IOS development, this tools can help you to improve work efficiency to a great extent, don’t you want to finish work early and go home to company your family?

The publication of the official IOS10 will set off a craze of IOS development, the development tools are a lot, when developers are writing a large scale of codes, structure and grammar mistakes will happen, so it’s beneficial to choose a functional strong coding tool, we collate some IOS coding tools, which aims at helping more individual developer to swim in the IOS10 development ocean.

1. CodeRunner

CodeRunner is a light level editor which can write many kinds of codes, it does not need to install extra language environment, it can directly implement multiple kinds of language code, if developer wants to test a passage of codes or the function of an API, it’s troublesome to use xcode, however CodeRunner can make up the weakness of xcode, developer only need to write a short code passage in CodeRunner, then can test code and the details function of API.

In addition, CodeRunner can accelerate developer’s coding speed, so developer can finish the coding work in a short time, after testing with no error via CodeRunner, then can copy it back in xcode project, it will extremely improve developer’s IOS development efficiency.

Main function of CodeRunner:

It supports many languages,:Code Runner support AppleScript、C、C++、Java、JavaScript(Node.js)、Lua、Objective-C、Perl、PHP、Python、Ruby and shell, etc.

Customized module: no need to write the complete code then can quickly test and implement code passage and API. Strong coding ability: Code Runner has the function: automatic make up, speech grammar high light, multiple mark page and self -defining subject.

2. AppCode

AppCodeis brand new Objective-CIDEcollective development tool,which aims at helping developer to develop Mac OS x and IOS system related apps.

AppCodemain functions:

Code completion: AppCode completion has ability to predict context, for an example, developer write a variable which never appeared, AppCode will ask if need to add this variable, so developer has the chance to avoid some potential meaningless rolling up and down, so can focus more on the effective code writing.

Code checking and modifying: the analysis of AppCode is in real-time operation, during the code writing process, developer can see the problems, in addition, AppCode provides highly customized code style modules, and can simply use it on any code, so no matter how much code developer writes, the code will be grace at last.

Quick jump: the biggest problem of Xcode is it;s hard to locate file and category, if you want to search a file, basically it’s impossible to realize only with keyboard, but AppCode add high efficiency navigation function, it matter the function of special symbol search which is like tweet, it can finish the quick jump from file to category, it avoid the potential mouse operation, it improve the IOS development work efficiency.

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