Buy Apple Developer Enterprise Account

We buy apple developer enterprise account,$20,000 payment, please contact us if you have it, trading with us is safe, we are reliable and professional.


Renew Apple Developer Program Membership

It's very important to renew apple developer enterprise program membership, once it expires, the apps will not be available soon, and once it expires over 6 months, the program membership will be revoked, have to apply again from apple, now the application is very difficult, the next application is not sure to be approved, so it’s very important to renew the membership in time. We can pay 20,000 USD to buy the account, please contact us if you have.

There may be problem when you renew the membership, when you do the purchase, there is the remind that ‘your purchase authority fails, please check your information and try other payment methods’, now we have successfully renew, we can offer some methods now.

There are some methods which are provide in the internet, but these are not our methods, because we did not confronted with those problems.

There are many people who say that login another apple ID, not to use our apple developer enterprise account, when you renew, your renewal will still be in the current enterprise account, but right now it seems that can’t change the account when you input to do the renewal.

There are also some people say that can change the contact people’s email address, can’t use aol email, however mine is not the problem, our company’s email are enterprise account all use aol email, and the renewal is successful.

Our suggestion is that, the credit card needs to support two currency, every credit card is unionpay and visa, unionpay and master card, it supports your country currency and US dollar, but when calling apple support, the consultant said it can be without unionpay identity, but it’s normally the same in most countries.

Many people say the billing address must be the same with credit card’s address, We have tested that it’s not needed to be same, we just write the same billing contact people with credit card contact people, the address is not the same, but the renewal is successful.

You must check your credit card’s limit which not requires password, we spent many days and changed many credit cards, at last we found that our no password purchase limit is not more that 299 US dollar, the limit of the card must be more that 299 US dollar, so that you can renew apple developer enterprise program membership.

There are these mistakes in summary, it’s wrong to change different credit cards, it’s wrong to make sure the billing address be the same with the credit card’s address, it’s not necessary to download developer app, there is no help to contact apple support, it’s not necessary to change different browsers, the contact email and phone number is not needed to be the same with the credit card holder.

If you did not renew apple developer enterprise program membership in time, please contact us, we can give you suggestion to fix the problem.

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